Chevalier Robertson

Cerritos College (Paralegal Certificate)

Chevalier Robertson is a Senior Litigation Assistant at Mortenson Taggart Adams. 

Chevalier assists in all aspects of Mortenson Taggart Adams’ litigation practice, including assisting with motion practice, discovery and trial preparation.  She is well versed in Litigation, and her best trait is “She does not buckle under pressure.” 

Her legal career began over 20 years ago, starting with an internship with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and Public Defender’s Office.  She is well known in the Orange County legal community, and takes pride in the business relationships she has cultivated over the years.

Her interests include nature hikes, traveling to food destinations, and spending time with her friends and family.

Mortenson Taggart Adams has proven their ability time and time again to achieve exceptional outcomes in complex matters.  Their approach is bespoke to each matter, but always effective, efficient and client-focused.  They are a strategic business partner that we rely on constantly to achieve our short and long-term goals.

Andrew Gahan, General Counsel, Valta Energy

Mortenson Taggart Adams’ legal expertise has helped us successfully navigate a high-profile lawsuit in federal court and perhaps most importantly, helped a fledgling startup get on sturdy ground.  Regardless of the curveballs that may be thrown at us, we know that Mortenson Taggart Adams has the experience and expertise to successfully handle it.

Sean Lake, Co-Founder, Bubs Naturals