Mortenson Taggart’s Lawsuit Results In Relief For California Breweries

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA – On March 11, 2021, in response to Mortenson Taggart LLP’s federal lawsuit alleging that the State of California deprived California’s breweries of equal protection under the United States Constitution by imposing restrictions upon them that were not imposed upon wineries, and just before the Court heard the breweries’ motion to enjoin the State from enforcing these unconstitutional requirements, the State relented and agreed to remove these unconstitutional restrictions. 

Effective March 13, 2021, California’s breweries will again be free to serve beer to their customers, unencumbered by unlawful meal requirements and other restrictions that adversely impacted their business.  Mortenson Taggart is honored to represent the California Craft Brewers Association, Green Cheek Beer Company, Second Chance Beer Company, Topa Topa Brewing Company, Chapman Crafted Beer, Bike Dog Brewing Company, and Cellarmaker Brewing Company in this challenge to uphold the breweries’ constitutional rights, and is thrilled that the efforts of the talented professionals who worked on the case, in conjunction with the tireless efforts of our clients, led to such a successful outcome.  

These new changes to the California law can be viewed here.

As first reported in the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle.